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The rules!! Empty The rules!!

Post by Caz on Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:22 am

1. No nude pictures or links to sites that contain nudity

2. Respect other people's opinions.

3. No abusive posting or arguing with other members

4. No abusive personal messages

5. Before starting a thread please make sure no other such thread exists on this forum

6. The size that is acceptable for signatures is 500X150 Also with text signatures please make sure you use no more then 6 lines.

7. When posting pictures please make sure they are no wider than 640px. If you wish to post a larger image please post a link for it instead

8. Absolutely no file sharing

9. Have fun, that is what you're here for

10. We don't mind if you fucking swear, but please do not go over the top and make every other word a swear word.

Thanks Caz Very Happy

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