Promotional HDK clip: who wants to help me out?

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Promotional HDK clip: who wants to help me out?

Post by Franneke on Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:28 pm

promotional HDK clip: who wants to help me out?

Dear Myspace fans,

in the last blog I mentioned I could use some help of you regarding the HDK promotion, this is ONE of the ideas I have:

Iíd like to create a promotional vdeoclip for HDK, not a regular clip however but a clip suited for sites like Myspace and Youtube, giving additional info about the project.
This is an example of an Evergrey clip, I really like it:

Now, I know some of you are also into making these kinds of clips, and maybe youíll like the idea of creating a clip for HDK.
Obviously, Iíll give you extra info/material for it, but first I need to see some of the
random stuff you already worked on.
It doesnít have to deal with music, it can be about anything, I just need to have an idea of your style.

It would be great if you can send me a message on this myspace if youíre interested, and Iíll make a choice as soon as possible!

Thanks in advance,
talk to you soon:)



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